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Dan Wesson Bobtail Classic 1911


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Sweet!!  When the heck did DW get in the 1911 business?

Dan Wesson has been making 1911's since 2000. They started with the Pointman, and have several models available now.They are kinda hard to find, from what I have been told, they only produce around 2500 pistols a year. Due to their popularity and scarcity, the price has gone up considerably. I bought mine used 2 years ago for $700, now they are going for $900-$1000.

The quality is superb, I would even say higher than my Colts or Springfields 1911's.

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I really would like to have one of those!  I tried to buy one a guy was selling a while back but I missed out on it.

If you do get a chance to get one at a decent price, I suggest you jump on it, or at least tell me where it's at.  ;D

Do you carry it as a CCW?

Nope. I carry a Kel-Tec PF9 in the summer time and in the winter,  I carry one of these Hi-Powers or my Colt XSE Commander. See below -



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I have a fondness for High Powers and 1911's. Your pushing all the right buttons with me :)

I have 4 Hi-Powers, and still want to get at least 2 more, a Browning Mk 3 and a Practical.

I have 8 1911's at the moment, but will add more when I find one I "need".

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