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Putting you H&Kers to the test!!!

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Hey guys, got a few things I need to ask and any help you can give would be awesome here it goes  ;D. As you know from my intro im going to be getting a 416 and im going to be pimping it up from a PEQ mk2 style device with ir laser & flood and normal RD laser I kept from the army oh dear lol, an eotech with nv setting & eotech x3 mag scope, and sound moderator.

There is a few things i would like to put on but not sure if they will fit, Magpul stock? Magpul pistol grip? Magpul ASP sling point? Magpul tigger guard? Last but not least a redi-mag holder that goes on side of the mag well and holds a spare mag not sure with that as the 22lr mags got the raised lips on it or is there something similar out there? Thanks in advance guys talk soon.

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thats alot of stuff or a .22.

your stock is milspec.

check the pic thread. i have a CTR stock(milspec size) and its fits nice.

the commercial size is way to big and wont stay on(too big)

the sling mount..yes it fits.

the pistol grip however you might have to make fit with a dremel.

if you get the airsoft version it not fit at all and look like crap.

get the actualy magpul grip. its differnt where you bolt it on.

dont be afraid to paint it. post pics. dont put useless stuff on it. have fun

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Thanks for the reply rabies starting to think people had forgot about me im not that bad  :-[. I think im going to leave the stock and grip alone for now but i will put the magpul sling mount on and some rail covers and you have any idea about the redi-mag holder? What is the thread on the barrel is it 1/2 UNF guys? Thanks talk soon guys.

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Saw what you were looking to do. Here is a list of my stuff. Most of it being universal. Everything does fit.

Vortex Sparc

Magpul XTM Rail Guards - Black

Magpul MBUS Gen2 Front and Rear Sights - Black

Magpul Vertical Foregrip - Black

Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard - Black

Magpul MS2

Magpul ASAP

Magpul MOE Grip

2 x 20rd Magazine - Black

Magpul CTR with Enhanced Buttpad

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