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.22 Snipers?


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I too have a Mark 2 TR in desert tan. I know what you mean about accuracy. It will flat out shoot just about any .22 out there. Hits at well over 200yds are easy....ive yet to find something i couldnt hit with it....the ranges just arent long enough. Normally .22 starts getting iffy at 120yds....i dont know how they did it, but this thing is amazing. As close to shooting centerfire as a .22 will ever get.

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I've been interested in setting up a faster twist barrel and trying that super-heavy super sniper .22 ammo from Aguila.  We have 200 yards at our range.  But with standard ammo at 100 yards, the groups haven't been tight enough to justify trying 200 yards yet.

I've heard so many mixed comments on that super heavy stuff.  Usually those that keyhole, don't have a fast enough twist.

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I to have the Dessert Tan. I'm ranged to 300 yards and still inside a 2 inch pattern with the walmart stuff. Imagine the TR with that super sniper ammo. And that Anschutz is a pretty nice looking gun. I have a plainsman .22 that looks alot like it. Here is a pic of my gun without the add ons just the scope. I have a quick detach bipod and a tactial laser kit along with a surefire 290 lumen light.


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Update... That sniper ammo is not that amazing. Stick to regular stuff. I used 15 of them and just put the rest back. I expected a totally different shot being sniper ammo and a big bullet but it is weak ammo and ranged for maybe a couple hundred yards. I tried it at 150 and it was low and took a bit to get there. it was very good grouping but a couple jammed in the chamber and had to pop it with a cleaning rod.

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If you are interested in getting the most out of the TR, go get Lapua X-act ammo. Its pricey, but is a marksmanship type .22 ammo used in olympic and shooting events. Its extremely accurate.

However, the TR is extremely accurate even with regular box ammo. The CCI Standard Velocity stuff is plenty accurate enough for 300yd shots.

I would never have imagined getting solid consistent long range shots at 300 yes with a .22, but I'm not joking when I say the TR can totally do it, and it isn't even hard to do.

I haven't found a range long enough to really see just how far out you can hit something. Longest Ive been able to shoot it at is 300yds.

Its insane how accurate it is. Best .22 rifle Ive ever bought, wish I could have had it back when I was shooting them competitively. Seriously, it outshoots some olympic grade rifles Ive had.

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