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Need some help with reciever

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I have recently purchased a conversion kit for a ruger 10/22, which included everything but the receiver and the bolt group(pretty much everything you can buy without a ffl). Upon closer inspection of my kit, I found out that it has a serial number of "00002". My question is is there anyway that I can get a ruger 10/22 receiver made without a top rail (pretty much stock) with this serial? or some variation? any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Oh and by the way, it must be LEGAL

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At first though I'd have to say no, I don't think you can get a receiver with a requested serial number. I would imagine you could get just a receiver from Ruger and have them ship it to your local ffl. Give Ruger customer service a call, they are very friendly folk and see what they can do for you (603) 865-2442.

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I think the issues is often times the serial number stuff is automatic and nobody is going to disrupt production, especially when the stuff isnt made in house.

Firearms like custom 1911's can be ordered with custom serial numbers. I will be doing it shortly myself. Im getting a 1911 Caspian frame "Yogi1" or something to that affect

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