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New Importer for ISSC Austria

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Legacy Sports refers repairs to an outfit in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here's how my interaction with them went so far.

I email SportsWorld:

I called about the broken stock on my ISSC Mk 22 and was told to send the whole gun back for warranty service. I'd rather pay for the necessary parts than pay to ship the whole gun back for an indefinite time. I was informed that I don't "comprehend" how demanding this repair is.

I beg to differ, I can comprehend quite a bit and am confident I can "fit" the parts to the receiver once I lay hands on them and can visualize what may need to be done. Regrettably. having read numerous on-line reviews of Sports Worlds customer service, I'm not thrilled with the notion of entrusting my firearm to the care of Sports World. I hope the resolution of this matter will change my mind and inspire me to make a positive posting about my customer experience.

The stock is cracked in the usual place (see internet photos and postings) around both sides of the molded housing for the "D" button that releases the stock. The serial number of the weapon is M265xxx.

I look forward to working with your staff to resolve my issue. I am willing to pay for the parts, shipping, handling and to assume responsibility for the result. Thank you.

Victor Hinze

And get this reply:


We need you to send us the stock and along with the serial number of the firearm for replacement, Or you can send in the complete weapon as well.

Please ship is:

Sports World,Inc ATTN: Repair

6841 E 41st. Street

Tulsa Ok,74145

We are currently waiting for a price list for the parts from ISSC. We became the Repair center the at the 1st of the year.


Sports World Inc

I have repaired my stock in the six month hiatus between the Ware, MA. repair facility folding and the start of SportsWorlds' operation. Sounds like they haven't fully stood themselves up yet. I've been down this path before, I don't think I want to be one of the first to send my stuff to the new repair facility. Maybe after reading some on-line experiences.

The repair was done using Aluminum window screen pressed into the base plastic with a soldering iron. the screen helps spread the heat and reduces burning of the plastic. Following that, the screen was covered with ABS plastic welding rod to form a rough surface. Finally several plies of window screen and JB weld reinforced the D button housing area.

Yeah, I know it's a lot of work, but it appears to be possible to repair the stock.  Only time will tell, this hinge and latch area gets subjected to some serious torque. Photos of the Mk 22 prototype show what appeared to be a black Tokyo Marui or VFC air soft  stock (this "shell gun" is pieced together using air soft grade parts) which was built along the lines of the FN original stock. There was a reason FN put the extra material in this area. i suppose ISSC decided to cheap out on this part when it redesigned the gun in response to FNs' threat of legal action. "Lawyers are the larval stage of politicians".

Sorry for the voluminous post, but wanna help get useful info out there on this gun.



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It's my post, so I thought I'd lift it from the other website and plant a copy here. I think this manufacturer and its' importer think they can play their customers for fools. Anybody has a contrary opinion, I'd like to hear it.

    On top of all the problems that attend these rifles, it comes to my attention that the US distributor for ISSC is listing the MK 22 magazine for a whopping sixty four dollars a copy! They state on their website this is MSRP. That means Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, if so, then maybe ISSC is determined to commit corporate suicide. Or perhaps they are simply afflicted with unbounded greed.


    Either way, the superior M&P 15-22 weapons' magazines, comparable in construction and with greater capacity can be had all day long for about twenty dollars.


    Last year I followed up the purchase of a MK22 with the purchase of three mags, thirty-seven bucks each from the old importer. Glad I bought 'em when I did. As I look back on this thread, I'm driven to the sad conclusion that a buyer of the Mk 22 today who has done much research on this weapon should have his/her head examined.

    I confess, I am rapidly loosing my faith in this company and it's marketing partners. By the way, anybody have a good experience to report yet with the repair end of this conglomerate, Sports World, Tulsa Oklahoma?

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