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RIA XT22 has arrived *photos*


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This is such a handsome, nicely fitted and finished 1911-22. Certainly a major leap ahead of the current crop of Zamak 1911-22s on the market.

It's all steel so the slide is open top for weight reduction/reliability, with a rather large bull barrel to fill in the gap.

The trigger has just the tiniest amount of creep (hardly noticeable) and breaks crisply at about 3.5lbs with almost zero over travel.

It fits the hand like a 1911 should, since the frame is a standard 1911-A1 centerfire frame and can be converted to centerfire.

The sights are a bit skimpy though, no where near as nice as those that came on my RIA .22TCM.

So far I'm very impressed.




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I pulled my Kimber Rimfire Target from the safe yesterday and the RIA and Kimber mags are identical with the exception of the Kimber logo and a slightly different profile on the base plate.

I also own (2) 15*shot aluminum mags for my Kimber Rimfire Target and they all work perfectly in my new RIA XT-22.

Also, fired both the RIA XT-22 and Kimber Rimfire Target in the back yard yesterday.

Shot only Remington Golden Bullet bulk. The RIA had one stovepipe and the Kimber had on FTFire (ammo's fault).

The RIA has the lighter trigger pull, although not by much, but the Kimber's trigger is much crisper. Advantage Kimber.

The sights on the Kimber are far better than those suppilied with the RIA. Advantage Kimber.

The Kimber's profile is exactly the same as a center fire 1911 whereas the RIAs slide and barrel are smaller in diameter than a centerfire upper. The Kimber fits a 1911 holster and the RIA is loose in a 1911 holster. Advantage Kimber.

Magazines free fall from the Kimber but must be dragged out of the RIA. Advantage Kimber.

The Kimber is easier to reasssemble than the RIA. Advantage Kimber.

The RIA's slide and frame are constructed of 4140 chrome moly steel while the Kimber's slide and frame are aluminum. Advantage RIA (maybe).

Overall preference: Kimber.

If I had bothered to drag my Kimber from the safe first I wouldn't have ordered the RIA.

Who am I kidding? If I see two yellow Volkswagens in a row I order a new firearm to celebrate. I can always find a reason to justify a new purchase.

I like both and will keep both.

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