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shot 4 types of ammo. NO FAIL


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shot the AGUILLA 30gr. FEDERAL 36gr BLAZERS 40gr. and VELOCITORS 40gr. on my colt m4

ALL shot great!!! no jamming, ftf, fte. pretty damn happy compare to last time i went shooting. and ive figured out what was the cause of the jams.

1. magazine

- couple of my mags were worn, especially where the top part of the mag. when loaded, the bullet would stick out more than usual.  causing chambering issues. (just from my experience) so i bought 2 new mags.

2. velocity screw setting

- i think i had mine waaaay too tight. loosened the screw flush and cranked 4-5 turns.

on another note. the aguillas shot better than stingers and velocitors are my new favorite ammo!

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I have 1000 rounds through my M&P 22.The only things that ever jammed it were Winchester bulk(average of one round per mag failure to fire).Winchester also was the only manufacturer who had damaged , bitched up ammo straight from the box.Otherwise, this M&P 22 is as reliable as any firearm on the planet.

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