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Scope mounts for an old rifle.


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I just dug out my dads old Sears JC Higgins semi automatic rifle.  It was produced for sears by High Standard.

The problem I'm running into is that I can't seem to find any scope mounts for this thing.  The scope has 1" tubes but the rail is VERY narrow.  I tried the Millet TP00702 Tip Off rings from a local gun store which is the smallest one they had in stock.  It was just barely too big.  I could slide it on the rail with the mounts snug so it was close. 

Anyone know where I might find a smaller rail mount that would work.  When I measured the rail it is at 3/8 of an inch wide.

No pics yet but here's an internet pic of this particular model:


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This is getting more interesting.  No one seems to carry anything that will fit.  They all swear it's a 3/8" rail but when they try every 3/8" rail they have they are all too large.  I did have one guy who is also into high end air rifles tell me it was an 11mm which doesn't make sense as 3/8 is roughly 9.5mm  but he may be on to something though.  I'm on hold right now with Pyramid Air to see if they have anything that will fit.

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Not sure but the adapter I tried that didn't work as it was too wide was $50.

Heck I may just go the route of getting the first set I tried and milling enough off of each side to make them fit.  They are recessed so I can't just grind/file/sand them off.

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I have a Nylon 66.  Stamped receiver,  glass (?) barrel.  The iron sights worked adequately;  they are mounted on the barrel.  The scope could never be adjusted because the reciever waves like the tail fin of a fish off the end of the barrel.

My own wondering is if the raised part of the receiver that forms the scope rail might have some space under it? Clearance between moving parts and the inner surface of the receiver?  And if your receiver does?

If so,  mill a channel in the bottom of a Pitcatinny Rail or other bar stock to make a base for a scope mount that fits over the OEM rail and use something like big flathead screws carefully countersunk and put in from the bottom,  from inside the thin receiver metal to hold the new rail/mount?  Mill the sides of the OEM dovetail rail edges flat if that is possible or appropriate?  Your receiver might be thick enough to drill and tap.  Mine is sheet metal.  Cold blue any and all exposed metal,  apply long-term-durable oil,  tighten fasteners with liberal Lock Tight.

It might be enough for your rifle.  Mine needs the rail to extend to where it can be attached around the barrel to stiffen the whole mess so the scope over the receiver points to the same place as the barrel.  Hose clamps? LOL!!  For all I know,  if the barrel was encased like that,  the fiberglass or whatever polymers it is might shatter from heating and cooling and induced stresses?

My 10/22 uses a thin rail that attaches with the OEM drilled-tapped scope mounting points.  The top of the 10/22 is smooth and slightly rounded.  The rail is made to match;  is either 1 inch or 7/8 inch wide-- can't get a good measurement-- and is 4 3/4 inches long.  The scope mounts/rings are almost tip-off except there are no notches in the rail.  The clamps can be loosened and the whole scope and mounts would slide off forward or backward.  Might or might not slide back into place and hold POA.  I had a local gunshop mount my scope and do the initial scope adjust.  They had a lot of specialized hardware right there and found some dedicated 10/22 stuff and whatever else worked well.

Wasting $50 chills my pocketbook nerve.

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