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Which would you choose

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Ok I need some input on what you might do in my situation.  I have a bolt 22 mag that is a tack driver.  I have both a 22 mag and 22 LR for hunting.  I bought the hk as something fun to shoot and it looks really cool.  I will probably be shooting less than 70 yds most of the time.  For that matter prime shooting off the back deck is usually no more than 50 yds. Ok now that I have told my story here is my question.  In these circumstances I am debating between these two setups for sights. All the prices are about the same so I can go either way.  I'm looking for pros and cons I haven't thought about.  Thanks in advance.

A NcStar 6x40 mark III sniper with the Bushnell trophy TRS-25 red dot mounted at a 45 degree angle next to the scope


Skip the Bushnell and take on and off the 6x40 and use a Sightmark ultra shot sight qd when shooting quickly and at close targets.

Links below:




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I wonder if the airsoft stuff will hold up on a 22.  I suspect it is about the same quality of the stuff I posted.  I know there are a lot of people out there that would suggest really expensive scopes/red dots but in my mind it is only for a 22 at the end of the day.  I don't shoot 300 yds with my 22 and I think these type of scopes work well for the money.

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