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Remington .22 Subsonic report


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Bought a 100 Remington .22 Subsonics to see what would happen.  Figure that the place we like to shoot would like a little less noise, out in the country, but I've heard that anything Remington does not work well in the M4.  Oversized cases I've read, and just eyeballing them next to my Federal .22s they do seem a little larger in case size.

Anyway, they worked great.  Not a single problem, no FTE, FTF, hang fires, da nada.  I was impressed at how the rifle just ate them up and spit them out.  They are quieter, a fair amount, not silent by any means but noticeably quieter.  Still needed earplugs, tried one shot without them and it made my ears ring immediately.  My stepson tried them in his old Martin Model 60 and it was really quiet, no ear plugs needed with it but it has a much longer barrel.  (fired okay for him as well)

They are dirtier.  Even just firing a few dozen made more mess then the Federal's. 

Overall I was pleased.  But Wal Mart wants 35 dollars for a brick of these, which is nearly twice what they want for the Federals.  Ouch.

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