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Slip-On Flash Hider

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I decided to try this after the comment was made about a clamp on unit. Before I remove the barrel to thread it I wanted to try something different. So I made this unit that slips on the end of the barrel and a set screw on the underside holds it in place. I positioned the set screw in a fashion that will be somewhat unnoticed and if I do decide to thread the barrel the scratch from the screw will be turned off anyway. I do need to make a second unit and tighten it up on the barrel around .004 I want it to be somewhat snug. I will be shooting it this weekend and will report back on how it went.






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I like it, really nice job.

My thinking is one step farther but a lot more complicated. Have the insides contain either a split conical washer or a ferrule. Think of a cordgrip or compression type copper fitting. By tightening the two parts together it clamps the barrel 360 degrees

Alternatively make it a shrink fit where you heat the flash hider to get it on the barrel similar to a press fit with a bearing.

Anyhow this is fun to watch, I look forward to your progress.

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The ferrule would require having one of the correct .668 diameter. I like the heat to swell it up and when it cools it would be there for sure. Kind of like putting c-clip eliminators in a 12 bolt Chevy rear end. It would make it more difficult to remove or swap out.

I am thinking that if the fit is a snug slip the set screw should be OK afterall it is just a 22. I think it should function somewhat though. It would look better black but for R&D purposes its good enough.

I went with a .290 center bore thinking that I would like lots of clearance for a 22 round coming through. What kind of clearance do they generally have in the bore ?

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There are AR-15  flash hiders that attach with a set screw. I think your fine as is. I think Brownells has something to blacken aluminum, Aluma Black or something.

As for the bore Im not sure. I know when I looked at a flash hider for a .308 a while back the initial bore was only a few thousandth's larger than the barrel bore then it opened up quite a bit. I think your numbers are good. jmho

If i can remember I will bring home some tools and measure a few of mine.

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Well after a couple hundred rounds it certainly did not adversely effect the accuracy.

I did spend a little time dialing in my new 4X scope but now that that is done she is hitting beer caps from 150ft. Using my new bi-pod of course.  I need to make another and tighten it up on the barrel, I went a bit too far when boring it and had to use a thin .002 piece of shim stock to secure it. Once the new one is done I am going to go shoot and track the accuracy and take notes on noise and stability with and without it on. I really don't see an issue it looks cool and didn't screw with the accuracy. I do however want one with no shims to make me feel better about it.

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