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Function tested the new 416

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It was hotter than holy hell, but I made it down to the range Sunday with the 416 that I had picked up on Saturday at the gun show.

While I was cleaning/prepping the rifle I made note of some things.  I was pretty bummed that the bolt catch was there for looks only, it is non-functional.  An empty magazine will hold the bolt open though, the follower pushes a bar into place.  You can also manually manipulate this bolt catch into place but I wish the external lever was real.  Also, the bolt cannot be removed like with other tactical .22's by just pulling out the charging handle.  It's an assembly that's bolted in.

So I ran about 225 rounds through the rifle, it was a mixed bag of CCI Velocitor, CCI Mini Mag, Centurian and Federal hollow points.  It is a great shooting rifle, the trigger is a little on the hard side, but not bad at all.  The rifle had no feed issues at all, never hiccuped.  The iron sights were off, and I neglected to bring the manual with me, so I used one of the gongs at 50 yards to find where point of aim needed to be, then with compensating I was knocking down pigs with ease.

When I got home I knocked the pin out holding the front sight post and swapped it out for the shorter one that was included in the box, I just personally like the shorter one, seems less intrusive in my sight window.  Next time out I will try to zero and do some accuracy testing.

:thumb: :thumb:


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No difference in the upper, lower, barrel and the controls.......Different hand guard and stock........I have the Colt C 4 and love it and would probably feel the same if I had the 416.................The mags do inter change.

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