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See attached.

There are rumors that there is more to this than just a backlog issue. One rumor that makes sense is why would AAC, a company part of the Freedom Group work on suppressors for a major competitor, Ruger.

It's also said that before Freedom Group aquired AAC, AAC tried to work with Ruger to have Ruger produce the barrels. Ruger was a little nervous about NFA stuff so AAC decided to manufacture the barrels themselves.


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That's probably going to cut deeply into their business.

I think I'd rather have a piece of the 10-22 market than allow a competitor to have it all.

I mean, sound suppressors will still be made and sold for 10-22s, just AAC will be losing their hard earned share.

Sounds short sighted to me.

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I dont think it's a big deal for them right now because there truly is a massive backlog for them with civilian markets and military contracts. Maybe when the market stabilizes it will be different. They could always change there minds again later.

Another possibility is that perhaps Ruger got cold feet and changed there mind about selling AAC, a competitior, the the guns less barrels.

Hell look how long it took Ruger to admit AR15's arent evil. Maybe Junior doesnt like NFA stuff.

Im thinking more details will trickle out over the next week or so.

It's interesting in that I would expect a cutting edge progressive hardware company like AAC would have worked with someone like Volquartsen or TacSol as soon as they learned Ruger was not interested.

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