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STRYKER B.A.C. .22 Suppressor


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Finally a suppressor that will look proportionately correct on a tactical .22


7075 aluminum, type 3 hard anodized and stainless steel

The Stryker B.A.C. .22LR suppressor is a simple, yet very effective monocore unit made to be more relatively correct in size for the growing number of AR22, M&P22, GSG22, and other .22LR only firearms made to look like larger caliber guns. It measures 1.5 X 7.

What does B.A.C. stand for? Well, we could follow the marketing tactics of larger companies by saying, "Ballistically Attenuated Compensation", or " Battleground Acoustic Containment", but the truth of the matter is that it stands for Big Ass Can. LOL! Yes, it is way bigger than a .22LR suppressor needs to be but, that's the idea. It will make your AR22 appear more proportionately right, as opposed to a standard 1 by 5 can, AND, at a significantly lower price than most typical .22 cans.

This suppressor is not full auto rated, though a full auto version is available, and it is .22 LR ONLY Do NOT attempt to use it on any larger caliber weapon.

Length x Diameter 7 x 1.5

dB reduction 28 - 32

Weight 10 oz



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