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Buying A Scope, Summer 2012


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Been looking for a new scope all summer.  Could not find one in the price range I wanted,  or the reticle was not what I like.  In this late part of the summer there did not seem to be anything on the market at all except very high-dollar offerings.

A few days ago I was wandering through the same old internet fliers and catalogues --  again.

Joe Bob had a Vortex scope with an acceptable reticle and an acceptable price. 

There has to be something wrong with this shipping thing.  A space-time-continuum twisted malfunction?  I put in the order late on Tuesday.  Cheapest shipping--  mule-train & river raft (where there are no rivers big enough to find with an electron microscope).  On Thursday before noon the package was on my porch:  still had some hay dripping with mule drool on it. 

My first 30 MM tube;  the thing is too long to be comfortable with my 5.56 AR but in mock-up to see what kind of scope mounts I need,  it may be OK.  Will find out when I can eventually take it to the range.

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The thread will be called:  "Collecting Parts"

Now I need an opportunity to visit the shooting range again.  It may be a couple of weeks.

Pics of the new upper are ready to post.  I need results from  live-fire at the range.

Found the last part,  an M-15 bolt carrier,  at a local gun show just today (9-09-2012).

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