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Trigger Job


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I went to the range for the first time and my M4 OPS worked great! No jams using Federal. My only issue at this time is the trigger pull.  How easy is it to remove the trigger assembly? If removed does it affect other parts of the gun? Example is if the pistol grip is removed doesn't that affect the tightness of the upper/lower, barrel, etc?

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It's not difficult to remove the trigger pack, or get it all back together. Loosen the flash hider, drive out the two pins to separate the lower from the upper. Gently pry the safety lever out with two small straight blade screw drivers - don't scratch anything - the safety is held in with spring detents. Look inside where the safety lever came from and you will see a small black triangle. Using a small punch and plastic mallet, tap on the black triangle. The other side of the safety will pop off. Remove the pistol grip and the trigger group should slide right out.

Reverse procedure for assembly, except: leave the pistol grip screw loose until the gun is fully re-assembled, and the flash hider is tight. Then tighten the pistol grip and all will be good.


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