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Long Term Update


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I've owned my P22 for awhile now and it has performed flawlessly.  It never fails to feed or eject and has functioned perfectly with a suppressor attached.  The sights have never flown off, the slide has never departed from the gun, and nothing has evaporated before my eyes.

However, I may not be shooting mine enough to uncover these issues.

Anyone else have a long-term update?

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I'm thinking of purchasing a P22 for plinking and having fun at the range. I've heard so many bad things about them I'm reluctant to get one. I really would like a .22 pistol. Would i be making a mistake getting the P22? Would you suggest another one? Or is all the bad reviews by people who don't know what they're doing?


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If you like the P22 then you might also like the Ruger SR22.

Very similar in size and weight but with an aluminum slide instead of Walther's zinc alloy slide.

I've handled a few Ruger's and they are better looking pistols, quality wise, and I've read they enjoy a better reputation.

Price is similar.

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