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Competition Rules


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Mini Rifle was born around the time of the UK pistol ban in 1997.

The competitions were designed around the old practical pistol courses of fire and at first attracted ex pistol shooters who were looking to keep shooting and liked those styles of competitions.

The United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association ran safety courses and at that time you had to have one of their "safety Certificates" to compete in a UKPSA competition.

For whatever reason Mini Rifle is not as popular with the UKPSA members as it once was, but with the introduction of the new "tacticool".22's and the outrageous cost of ammunition, interest is expected to rise again,

The guns have been mainly custom built Ruger 10/22 Rifles fitted with red dot although any standard .22 Rifle is acceptable to use. With the GSG 5 coming to the UK last year and the Spikes now also available, and the S&W and Colt arriving any day, a new wave of shooters who may never have shot pistols, or been UKPSA members, are wanting competitions to shoot these guns in. Some may argue that they are not accurate enough to do target competitions; others want a different style of competition, based more on the Practical shooting scene, and where they can use their larger capacity magazines to good effect.

As such, Mini Rifle uses a smaller version of the “coffin†target, which can be set up at any safe distance, as opposed to the Bulls eye type target used in Gallery Rifle which will be set up at known set ranges.


The target size is almost the size of an A4 sheet of paper

It is shot at from 50mts down to 10mts depending on the course of fire.

It would be all to easy to shoot straight A's, so in practical shooting you are also against the clock.

The score is divided by time taken. If you miss, it has a penalty of minus 10 points.

Normally, the highest two shots in each target count.

For the US readers: After the pistol ban, shooting in the UK has largely tried to stay away from any image which the Media would portray as us being blood thirsty Rambo’s. So with the exception of hunters, most ranges ban the wearing of camouflage clothing and the “all black†commando’s. Targets have all been de humanized with various successes.   

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