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Age of Colt/Umarex M16


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Hello everyone, noob here. I just traded for a Colt/Umarex M16/22 and I would like to know the age of it. Guy a traded with was not original owner. I really like the rifle, it runs well with the right ammo and my 11yr old granddaughter loves it (says it is her rifle now). Any info will be appreciated.

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I am an old guy with a very young daughter think 5 years old and she is after dad to get her her own M4 22lr AR and in pink no less. Yes those girls know how to get what they want from dad or granddad. I hope to have it for her for Christmas but things are tight.

She got the bug when dad got her brother an M4 for his birthday and he is six. Yes I start my kids with firearms early as they show interest then none then interest and it just works out best for them to slowly get used to having fun with dad.

I get to see my kids every so often and it is really fun to do things for them and with them when I have them and they miss dad a lot.

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