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Red Dot for Tactical .22 Need Help Choosing


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I just bought my son the Mossberg 715T Flat Top Tactical .22 Rifle. I want to get a Red Dot Sight to mount on it and need help choosing a decent sight. I have googled and watched youtube all afternoon and it seems like there are a Lot of Red Dot Sights out there and a Lot of opinions on each. I would like to know which Red Dots you guys are using and how you like them? I was wanting to buy the Red Dot from Sportsmansguide.com due to having a $50 gift card from them. They have several red dot sights and not sure which is best? http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/browse/scopes-red-dot-scope.aspx?c=134&s=169

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It really depends on what you want to spend. The C-More line is very good because you can change the size of the dot by switching modules. Modules are available from 2 minute to 16 minute so you can tailor it to the game you are shooting. For a lower price reliable dot check out the Sight Mark line.

The C-mores will stand up to anything you want to use it on. I have one on my Open Division race gun for USPSA shooting 9 mm bullets at 1490 FPS and on an AR-15 as well as a S&W 617 and Model 41. They have all been in use for 3+ years and have been 100 % reliable and I don't baby them. I have a Sight Mark on a 9mm AR-15 and on a  AR-15 lower with a .22 Nordic upper that I use in Tactical RF matches.

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