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Problems mounting my scope


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First, the restrictions, like many are budget.  Therefore, I am using a scope that I already have on hand.  I bought a Swift Reliant 4X32 handgun scope to mount on a Mosin Nagant that I have sold, but I kept the scope, so I'm trying to save some money using this scope that I bought in 2005.  I have checked the price at Optics Planet where I bought it and noticed that they are still selling this scope for $10 more than I paid seven years ago.  I've reasoned that it must be performing well enough to justify the price increase.  It has a 13.8" eye relief so I figure I could mount in out a little on the forward section of the rail, since I won't be mounting anything else out there any time soon.

However, I bought some rail adapters to mount this scope to the top rail of my M4, to find that the adapters are still too big for the mount that came with the scope.  I have researched the scope at Swift using the link below to try to find the tube size to eliminate this problem and purchase the correct mounting block, but they don't list the tube size and I don't have any way to accurately measure the tube.

I was hoping that maybe someone could suggest the correct mounting block to mount this scope to the top rail of my CU M4 without costing too much...


My search for a fix to this problem lead me through all of the optics posts and TecMike has recommended a scope from BSA called a Sweet .22 that looks very nice.  However, I still don't know about mounting rings and am amazed at the variance of price for mounting options.  Crazy wild swings from $20 to well over $100 for mounting rings.  Still confused about mounting options for a picatinny rail.

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Well, the higher priced rings - solid and very strong - are basically for center fire rifles and their robust recoil, which you do not need for a .22. First thing that you have to do is determine the tube size. Probably 1" or 30 mm, but you will have to know before ordering rings. Rings will have options when you order, first is tube size, then rail type, height - low medium or high - which means how far up from the barrel you want the scope to be. Then there are other options, a pair of rings, or a one piece scope mount, or a cantilever style mount. And don't forget the tacticool factor....

HERE are some that would work well on the Colt 22, and won't break the bank. (FYI - the mounts with a single ring are for red dot type optics - you will need a mount with two for a scope)

If you do not have a caliper to measure the tube diameter, take the scope to your local gunsmith and they will tell you what the OD is.

Oops - just looked at your scope link - that is a pistol scope, so it will have to be mounted well forward on your rifle, but the above still applies. The ad says it is a 1" tube.

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TechMike:  Thanks for the help.  I read that 1" thing but the ad is poorly written and I didn't know what that would apply to so I was lost.  I have my eye on a set of rings on Amazon for a 1" tube that is listed to fit any picatinny rail, so I'll probably go with that to start.  If my scope doesn't work well, I'll be looking at the BSA option.  Thanx again!

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Update:  Won't be able to mount the pistol scope that I have in hand from a previous gun.  The Long Eye Relief, suggested at 13.8", is too far and won't fit on an M4.  Maybe able to make something like this work on an M16 frame because of the extra length, but not for my M4.

I'll be going over to Walmart to check on the .22lr dedicated scope they have in their case at lunch today.

Thought you'd like to know.

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