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Just ordered two M&P 22s


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The M&P 22s came in on Wednesday.

This is the first chance I've had to handle one.

My first impressions are that the pistol looks reasonably well made.

Internally the full sized M&P22s are near duplicates of the petite Walther P-22 pistols but S&W says the slides are aluminum instead of ZAMAK like the P-22. This a major plus for me.

The ambidextrous safety levers are made of plastic and although I'm sure they'll work just fine I see this as a negative.

The M&P22 does not have interchangable back straps like it's centerfire bretheren and is built in Germany by Walther.

On the positive side the trigger is fantastic for a pistol of this type. A little on the heavy side, maybe 5 or 6 pounds, but breaks very cleanly with zero creep but noticable over travel. I could live with the stock trigger easily.

These pistols were shipped with one 12 round magazine and I'm fairly sure additional magazines will be hard to come by at this time. But this is true universally right now.

Although I own many 22lr pistols that are theoretically superior to the S&W M&P22 that doesn't keep me from wanting one and have one I shall.

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