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M16SPR stock help

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Hey I have been looking on here for info on converting the fixed stock to an adjustable(or any other) stock. I had emailed Anna at Umarex for a parts list needed fro the change. BUT now I want to order them and for 2 weeks now I can not get an answer back.. I already have the crane stock #2245111 but I need the tube, nut, lock ect.. Anyone know of a parts kit I can order or know a stock kit I could mod up that has the tube and parts? Any info would help..

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Hey PK, Welcome to the forum.  As you may have found out by now, the Colt .22s  look like an AR, but they are actually based on an airsoft receiver. If you cannot contact Umarex for your parts needs, and I imagine they are as overworked as anyone else in the firearm industry at this time, you might contact Airsoft GI to see if one of their tubes would fit the Colt's receiver. I would suggest first contacting tac22 fellow member vlhoang. He has done extraordinary work on building the Colt's internals into airsoft receivers - send him a PM with your question, I am sure he can hook you up with an answer, and a vender. I ordered my licensed troy battle rail from Airsoft GI, the fit was superb, and it looks and works great. Please post what you find out from vlhoang. and post some pictures of your stock conversion.

PS - If you look up vlhoang's posts, you will be able to see pictures of his mods.


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