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Anyone replace the grip and stock?

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I was thinking about a Magpul grip but do the holes line up?

Is the tube mil-spec or commercial?

Anyone have any pictures if they have made the change?+

So far besides buying extra magazines (expensive), rail covers, and a set of GG&G front and rear sights, not to mention the Eagle Case, this rifle is going to be as expensive as a regular .223 AR15

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Do the holes line up? well yes and no  ::). The hole that the grip screw goes through lines up but you will need to make another hole for what I am pretty sure is the hammer strut.  Why Umarex extended the hammer strut through he grip I'm  not quit sure but there it is. You can see in the photo ( sorry about the focus) the top hole is where the hammer strut come through and the bottom is the grip screw. I havent changed the grip on the HK since I like it but I have changed one out on my Colt.


The stock is easy to replace and you just need to get a mil-spec sized stock to slip on. Here is the HK with a Magpul I slipped on for the photo.


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