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Basic Maintenance/Repair Kit


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My Colt M4 is brand new, but I am wondering what parts I can expect to wear first and if a standard "kit" is available to have on hand to prepare for any known issues.  Does anyone else here have a prepared kit?  Or, as an alternative, can you recommend a list of pieces or parts that any owner should have on hand as a spare parts kit?

Side note: I already have a basic as well as a complete cleaning kit.

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I am thinking the only part that I replaced was the main spring, part #41 on the parts list. Only reason I replaced it was my confusion on the bolt speed setting. There was a video back then that advised 9 full turns in for HV ammo, and that wore the spring out. Correct setting is flush for standard velocity, 4 turns in for high velocity. If you take the rifle all the way apart to clean it, you will need part # 36 & 52. They tend to either: go flying, (never found mine when they did), or get damaged during assembly. I have over 5000 rounds through mine and all is well. I am not aware of any kits, Umarex sells them part by part.


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Yes,  the numbers are from the parts list/diagram. Wise to get spares, especially 36 & 52. While not essential to the rifle's operation, (they push the slide lock up when the mag is empty), it is annoying when the bolt doesn't stay open after the last round in a mag.....Other than noted above, mine has been very reliable. I used to tear it all the way down after every range trip, now I only do that about every 500 rounds. In between, a bore snake, brush the action and a little oil and it is good to go.

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