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Gun show in Lima


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Heading south to Lima, Ohio in the morning. I don't expect to find anything on my list, but the Sweetie is going with me so it's a date. This is the best show in this part of Ohio, and they let vets in free.....




62 gr .224" FMJ

CCI #41's

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I use to go there years ago until funds got low with a daughter in college.  I did happen to make it to the Bill Goodman's Gun and Knife show in Dayton last month.  Won't be going to it again 8 dollars a head to get in and not a good selection of anything.  I hope to make it to Lima before it stops for the summer.

Good luck with your wish list.

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Thanks, Wasn't disappointed. Didn't figure I'd find anything, expectations realized. Whole lotta people, very little of anything except: used guns, and ammo in calibers I don't use, some I'd never heard of before. Got the Sweetie a zombie slayer t-shirt she wanted, and a new bullet puller. Saw a few boxes of old .22 ammo, some pistol caliber reloading supplies, large pistol and rifle primers, powder that I wasn't familiar with - looked like folks cleaning out their closets. I hope the makers get caught up soon.

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