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Looking for suggestions on a 22LR target rifle...


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Hi all,

I'm relatively new to firearms (within the last year) and while I have been very happy shooting semi-automatic handguns with my father-in-law for the last few months, he has been bringing more than a few rifles out to the range with us the last few times. Having no interest in it before, I found that I took to it very quickly and was pretty good with a rifle right off the bat. I think he's been trying to get me into them, actually. I even had the pleasure of shooting his original war-issued 1942 M2 Carbine at 100 yards. What a thrill.

One thing that I have forever been interested is long-distance shooting--like over 100-200 yards, at least, The 600 yard area at the range is calling me like a moth to black-light. Someday--but for now, I'd like to shoot the same distances that he is shooting--and that's 100-200 yards.

So with that in mind, I'd really like to find a 22LR tactical or sniper-style rifle that will allow target shooting at those distances. I'm not interested (yet) in custom-building a Ruger 10/22 from scratch, either. I'm just not there with my experience level yet. It'll happen, just not right now.

Can you guys recommend something that is good for target/long distances, and will be fairly ready to go off the shelf? I have seen rifles with bipods, scopes, suppressors in both bolt action and semi-automatic, and thought, "yeah, that's what I want to shoot." He's a hunter, and that's not for me, so he's not the best person to ask about something more target/tactical-oriented.

Any help you can provide to steer me in the right direction would be most helpful. Thanks!


This is something I would love to own...


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I own two dedicated 22lr target rifles. A Izhmash CM-2 and a Winchester 75 Target.

Both are excellent shooters, very heavy and very stable. The CM-2 is a single shot and a little more accurate than the Winchester 75 repeater.

The CM-2 is a bit less expensive than the mod 75 and I actually prefer it over the mod 75.

I also own two Anschutzes, a 1702D HB in .17HM2 and a 1710D HB in .22lr and two Volquartsen Standards, one in .22lr and one in .17HM2 also.

All four of these rifles are crazy accurate and perfectly capable of filling your needs although all four are field rifles instead of dedicated target rifles.

There are many rifles on the market that would suit your purposes but these are the best of what I own.

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