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Krylon camo 10-22 stock

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Playin around with Krylon camo paint and tried out a camo pattern I saw on the web (4th pic). It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped cuz I need more practice with an airbrush, outlines shoulda been much narrower and not enough space between the hex patches. Probably gonna sand it down and try again.





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Did you use a mesh bag for the pattern? I can't get any attempt at a home camo scheme beyond what a 1st grader could do. o I gave up and had mine dipped.

I bought a few yards of the mesh material from a local fabric store. I used some Elmers spray adhesive on the mesh, let it dry for about 5 minutes then pressed it onto and around the stock. The Elmers adhesive works like contact cement but when only sprayed on one surface and allowed to dry a bit first works as a temporary adhesive and leaves little or no residue. Then just a few very light coats of paint to leave the pattern.
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