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15-22 vs 10/22 how do they compare


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I bought one last year and enjoy it much. I actually own both the 10-22 and the S&W 15-22 and love them both. The 10-22 has ALOT more options for customizing and has been trouble free so far. My 15-22 has only had 1 issue so far when the extractor decided to disappear during a visit to the range but was quickly (relatively) replaced by S&W. I have installed the Archangel Maurader stock on my 10-22 and had some issues with the magazines that are for that stock, however the factory 10 & 25 round mags have performed flawlessly.

I eventually will pickup another 10-22 that I plan to do a different build on.

So to answer your question more directly, yes a 10-22 is worth it.  :grin:

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Can't realy I have owned a 10-22 but I have shot several, the one I want is the M1 carbine version, I always admired the look of the M1 carb.

I have read there are many add on and parts available for the Ruger, but one selling point for me to buy a S&W 15 22 is that a lot of AR 15 parts will fit in and on the 15-22,  breaking down the Smith is just like the AR, the trigger group is adaptable with the AR, it functions the same as the AR, and on and on.

I'm glad I own one, no regrets.

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