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  1. well midway has it on back order till next fall
  2. keep an eye out for m&p22 mags ive found them at to seperate shops up here in maine both place claimed they showed up with orders and dont know when there getting more but they were happy to sell them for 32 bucks a piece
  3. freakin both bass pro and cabelas had awsome deals on 22 and both sites got orders so bad that it crahed the ordering system
  4. Jrod77

    found more ammo

    i lose ore the i win but when i find ammo its usely big lots
  5. scored a 1400 round bucket at a near by dicks
  6. Jrod77

    ammo shortage

    wow sound like he got really lucky 500 plus round box at wall mart are over 25 bucks a box here
  7. while school clothes shoping for my son me and my wife each scored a bucket of bullets at cabelas remington is putting out some but the damd out ways the supply
  8. walmart usly puts out ammo in are area at 7-730 that when you need to be there
  9. i think prices will hold at 2 or 3 bucks a box higher
  10. i was getting five hour energy deodorant and Quaker cereal depending on were bullets were sent from but most five hour energy oh and got cold meds once
  11. the prices will come down with time
  12. im thinking about adding a 10/22 to the collection and i want some smith owners opinions on this since i own 3 15-22s
  13. cabelas also has some factory one in stock
  14. im thinking about getting a 10/22 in the ati trim to go shooting when i dont want to shoot my smiths any thoughts
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