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Caspian or STI High Capacity 1911's


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The STI is a polymer framed 1911 isn't it?

I own one double stack 1911-A2, a RIA .22TCM / 9mm convertible.

It holds 19+1 rounds of TCM or 18+ 1 rounds of 9mm. A bunch of ammo in one loading.

The trigger is still all 1911 and of course the safety is still located / functions the same as an A1, but, that's where all similarities end as far as handling is concerned. It's kinda fat.

You get used to it after awhile and when you pick up an A-1 again the A-1 feels tiny.

I own both the single stack and, as I said, the double stack. The single stack wins hands down, but I didn't buy the double stack because I thought it was superior, I bought simply because I wanted it.

If you want it, buy it. I dare you.

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May end up going back to it with 10 rounds though :(

I like the modular approach of the STI but Caspian makes good stuff and I know they are good people.

Well, if it's just down to between the Caspian and STI, I'd prefer the STI.

They're different and cool. I like different and cool.

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