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My "Colt" .22 M4 Carbine


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Hi all. First post and all that.

I picked up this Walther/Umarex/Colt M4 .22lr Carbine at a local pawn shop for $300.00 OTD. Sadly someone thought it would be a good idea to cut off the top of the sight tower so they could use a scope on it.  ::)

I solved that problem with a Brownells Modular gas block I got off EBay for $20.00.

I had the rest of the stuff on-hand for it with the exception of the adaptor for can use.....Now if I ever get my tax stamp back I'll be in business. Eight and a half months into the wait so far.



I've ran 350+ rounds of mixed ammo through it with 0 problems. I used Fed. bulk, CCI Mini Mag HPs and Solids, Wolf Match, Winchester HV solids, CCI Standard Vel., and CCI Sub-Sonic HPs. It was boringly accurate at 25 yards after sight-in. It ate all brands with equal enthusiasm.

It seemed to like the CCI SS-HPs the best so I shot it at 40 yards with that and it still proved pretty darn accurate given the 7.5 lb trigger, my 58 year old eyes, and iron sights. I'll bet it would be the cat's-behind with a scope and a trigger job.


I think I made the right choice for my wants with the "Colt" rather than the S&W MP-15 .22 clone. It helps that it has a normal safety. It has a 2012 (BC) date code.

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