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H&K 416 Pistol

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I picked-up this HK 416 Pistol in a trade. I've only got $200.00 in it. It came with a 20 round mag and a nice HK marked hard case.

What I like is that it uses the same mags and can adaptor as my Colt/Walther M4 Carbine. It runs as good as my "Colt" M4 .22 Carbine but the trigger is simply not the best for a pistol.

All I have done to it is install a set of ladder rail covers. I might get some sort of red-dot for it.


One thing that is good is that if one would decide to make a 416 pistol a SBR the upper will fit the Umarex/Walther "Colt" lower with no alterations....or so I've read on the internets....Bonjour. 

At any rate I can't see myself paying Uncle Sugar $200.00 to mess with it but if you have both types of Umarex/Walther .22s it might be a straight swap if you have $200.00 and 1 year + to wait for a tax stamp to find out.

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I got around to shooting the pistol this morning and once I got it dialed in it did OK at 25 yards. I suspect with the addition of a red-dot I could tighten that group up some.

I used seveal different flavors of .22s in it and it ate them all with 0 issues. The group was shot with CCI Sub-Sonic HPs.

Very much of a fun gun.  ;D


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