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Bipod and mounting question


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Hi, I am looking to do a custom bi-pod and mount, but wanting to not have a sling mount or rail semi permanently mounted hanging off of the stock, wanting what ever is there to be flush with the stock surface when the bi-pod is removed.

So I have been giving thought to a threaded insert/escutcheon that also had a provision for a couple of dowels so to prevent rotation of say a small Picatinny rail.  But I have also been giving thought to a T-Slot type of configuration and finding myself leaning that direction.

What  has me noodling,  is a bi-pod pivot design that would allow some side to side tilt and possibly some rotation, that when folded up would still keep the legs in line with the stock or barrel (my current leg pivot design should allow the legs to be stowed forward or towards the rear with out rotating the bi-pod) and I would like it to do so with out turning a ton of knobs to lock every thing down. it is also my desire to keep the tilt/pivoting mechanism as small and compact as possible. I am going to build the bi-pod myself so another of my desires is to have the legs of the bi-pod be the cosmetic focal point.

So the question is, what bi-pods pivot designs and mounting systems  have you fine folks seen and/or have contemplated that might provide some insight!


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That bipod is cool Mike..along with that Boro that imschur showed! I think if I end up with a AR I could see myself owning either of those and let it share duty between a AR and my little M&P, Now that I know all my brain work towards a bipod for the 10/22 build resulted in zero original ideas... even though I drew some stuff in cad before I ever saw it on line, like my Piviots! look a lot like the Atlas Bibod piviots! still giving thought as to how to make it unigue..exploring options!

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