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m4 colt scope questions


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sup guys, i think ive already asked this question.. but i was just wondering.. about scopes...

i have an ACOG style 4x32 scope. do u guys use a riser? does the iron sights get in the way? wer do u guys mount the scope? more front??  more rear???

and do u guys zero it at 100 yards? 50 yards? if u zero it at 100 yds... is there a compensation shooting at 50 yards?

sorry for the beginner questions.. but i was just wanna make sure of things. thanx.

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I removed the front sight on mine, wanted a free-float rail. You should mount your optic so you have the proper eye relief, which is the distance between the scope & your eye - you should see a full circle in the scope with no dark spots or distortion. Use quality rings/mounts - a good scope will suck with a flimsy/loose mount. I do not use a riser if possible, with a good cheek weld on the stock,  a riser can mis-align the scope with your eye. Lower power scopes on an AR will print the front sight tower, so either replace the front sight with a gas block with a flip-up sight or remove it all together.

I sight mine in at 50 yards, and with my scope, dial the elevation from 0 to 6 for 100 yards.

I'm no expert, that is what works for me. Brownells, one of our advertisers, has lot's of how-tos, and videos, I suggest you check them out.


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