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Getting GAS!!


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The GSG is a VERY strongly built weapon!  Consider that aside from it's "ZAMAK" outer shell, it has an inner bolt housing, then steel bolt...it's WAY overbuilt for the caliber!

If you decide to eliminate all the "safety" features GSG built in, the GSG becomes a VERY sweet-shooting carbine...and yes it IS heavy because it's built out of heavy material...probably a zinc-aluminum alloy, but don't let anyone delude you into thinking that is an inferior construction.  The GSG is a VERY strong weapon and will hold up to quite a few tens of thousands of rounds...and more.

I personally like the 9" barrel version with retractable stock (SBR'd).

Shove in a 110 round drum and you have a very destructive device at your disposal...which, if you happen to have stockpiled your .22LR BEFORE prices went through the roof, means you can "afford" to deliver an atmospheric saturation of lead slugs when face with a body of miscreants advancing on your house.

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