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Anyone reload 223


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I am starting to reload 223 remington for my remington 700 sps tactical with a 1 in 9 twist rate  and I have reloaded with 55 grain sierra prohunter and Blc (2) with good results iam now going to try with 69 grain sierra match kings with imr4895 and cci br4 small rifle.primers. I was wondering what primers powders and bullets do you use and what the results are like.

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I was shooting a DPMS Panther A-15 with match trigger and free-float tube.  I built a second upper with a better barrel and the same FF tube and have comparison results.  My impression is that the higher-priced match barrel may have generated smaller groups but it would take a lot of shooting and precision measuring to be sure.  There may be pictures of the rifle and some targets in this forum.  If not,  then in our sister forum,  308AR.com.  All pics and shooting were in the warmer months of 2012. 

My calculations are done with a TI ~$10 (at time of purchase) scientific calculator.  This calculator will give you a complete statistical breakdown if you want to do that.

The loads I use in my reloads are an average of 4 or 5 reloading books published loads.  I find the average maximum and average minimum loads for each powder & bullet I use and add ~65% of the difference to the average minimum load.  This will usually compare well to the published 'best accuracy' loads and is a little conservative for safety. 

I am not happy with any results I got with the .223 AR(s).  I got much better results with my DPMS AR-10 and with my Remington 700's in 308 and 7MM Rem Mag. 

I normally fired 10 to 25 rounds of any given .223 load in 10-round clips on a trip to the range and 2 to 5 different loads.  Most of my shooting was with a variety of factory ammo.  I save the brass and use it to reload.  Bitterroot Valley is already using once-fired brass from multiple sources so my reloads are done with very mixed brass of multiple firings.  I just don't let it concern me.  If the brass looks OK,  it gets reloaded.  I would guess that the most times I have reloaded any single casing is 3 or 4 and mostly less.

I am well aware that I could,  if I was concerned enough,  weigh brass and also sort for brands.  Plus several other things.  If I was doing competition all my brass would be new for each match,  bought from a carefully selected supplier and run through careful sorting after that.

The very worst results were with some Midway Blem 75 gr BT Poly Tip that look like Swift Scirocco's.  Varget powder and WSR primers.  I think these bullets are too long for my twist.  Varget powder has done well in my 308's.

Passable results from 69 gr Sierra HPBT MK's over Ramshot TAC with WSR primers.

Similar results to the Sierra's using Barnes Match Burners,  #22415,  69 gr BTHP Match.  Label note:  Twist 1:10" or faster.  I used Reloder 15 and WSR primers.

I will try to post some pics of my last targets to show the groups.  No promises.

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I started loading 5.56 over a year ago, had problems with my scale & got distracted with the whole electronic scale thing, then the great run started - couldn't find components, so I do not have a lot of data, except as follows:

*I was not impressed with Varget as a powder for my AR rifles. I could not get decent groups at 100 yards, with either 55 or 62 grain fmj projectiles, 1in7 or 1in9 barrels - from starting to max charge.

*A buddy and I split 1K box of commercial reloads, 62 gn projectiles, once fired Lake City brass, and those work great in both  my carbine & rifle.

*The reloads were made using H-335 powder, which has been on B/O for quite a while, but I did just get an 8# jug of it, so I hope to work some rounds up soon  -  making .380 on my pistol press right now.

*I also have 1K tracer projectiles to try. They are 62 gn, but way longer than standard fmj, and the only recipe I can find for them is also H-335.


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A barrel which is rifled 1:9 will not shoot the heavier bullets with much accuracy regardless of your "quality control" in loading.  You need to stay with 55 grain FMJ or smaller if you want to get good groups.

A barrel which is rifled 1:7 will only shoot the heavier bullets with accuracy.  The best for a 1:7 is the 62 grain FMJ or 62 grain FMJBH

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