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When Ammo is Cheap...


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When ammo is cheap, the .22 LR makes a lot of sense as a stockpile commodity.  However, as we've seen with the recent surge in ammunition prices, when ammo acquisition costs spike, the .22 LR tends to become more expensive than its centerfire counterparts!  Even as I type this, 9mm ammunition has returned to an almost decent price....223 ammo is almost back to where it was, and even the normally overpriced .45 ACP is dipping well below $20/box of 50, yet .22 LR remains damned high...why?

If I were going to "bet" on any given ammo to sit on the shelf for 50 years and still be usable it would be centerfire...and my own empirical testing has certainly confirmed that 50 year old centerfire ammor shoots just fine!  While I have traditionally been a huge propenent of stocking up on rimfire weapons and ammo...and that still holds true for those fortunate enough to have ALREADY done so, with the current climate, the "right answer" seems to be to stockpile 9mm and .223 ammo...and make sure you have enough platforms to shoot them!

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I carry daily for defensive purposes, but, rimfire, for me, is a purely recreational endeavour and I stockpile only as a means of entertainment.

Not that I wouldn't use rimfire for survival but all of my rimfire purchases are inspired by fun.

Centerfire serves more of a dual purpose for me and any ammo selections reflect that.

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