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SR-22 Pistol


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I think the SR-22 pistol is a GREAT choice as long as one understands they'll need to order a complete replacement barrel for it if they want to mount a suppressor.  The basic platform is sound and will provide eons of reliable service.  While the all steel Mk II and III models SEEM to be more surdy, when it comes to the job of launching bullets I highly doubt the all steel will last any longer.

Despite opinions if one uses a Mk II all steel Ruger .22 to smash someone's head in, the potential to deform the thin-walled receiver is HUGE which takes the gun out of action....

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If I were ever forced to bash someone in the head with a handgun it would be in a life and death situation and only after the handgun became completely useless otherwise, so, for me, it's a moot point.

I agree, the SR22 is a very nice and affordable pistol.

It's aluminum slide makes it instantly superior to it's direct competitors, the Walther P22 and the SIG Mosquito's zinc alloy slides.

I'll end up owning a SR22 someday.

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I'm not willing to get "bad breath close" to anybody wanting to impart harm to my aging body either, especially not close enough to bash them with anything. I've sold several of the Ruger SR22 pistols to locals who have seen those here, or read about them elsewhere. A few of these folks are trappers who need to dispatch a critter that has some issues with spraying a stinky substance on anyone getting too near. 

My wife has used her SR22 to get through showing an instructor for her CCW class that she know how to load, clear and secure the carry weapon of her choice. I think the Ruger SR22 is a very viable addition to the Ruger marketing plan, and the sales have proven the pistol to be a good choice.

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