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Can't hit the "Broadside of a Barn"!


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I have owned a Colt/Umarex M4 Carbine for a few years now, and I have always been somewhat impressed with it's accuracy. The reduction in squirrel population on my block can attest to that. My girlfriend loves to shoot it, and she's gotten quite good. SO, our local gun store just got in a new M&P 15-22 a few days ago, and I broke down and bought it for her. We went to the range Sunday, and after attaching her favorite red-dot sight, I attempted to sight this baby in. After about 100 rounds of various ammo, I had to give up. At 25yds, my best group was just under 4 inches! I tried one red-dot, a tried-and-true 4x scope, and open sights. Still no group. I was using a bipod mounted to the bottom rail on the foregrip, and I'm beginning wonder if this is part of the problem. I know many rifles "act up" if the bipod has direct contact with the barrel. I noticed there's a plastic "disc" inserted in the end of the rail that can be popped out, making the forend "free floating".  Has anyone else had this problem? Does removing the disc help? My Colt has a bipod, on a free-floating rail, and at 25 yds, all I make is one big hole! Do these M&p's just not shoot that well??

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can't speak for other M&P 15 22's  but right out of the box with a red dot mine was grouping better then I could sight with the red dot...surprised me a little, For the postal match with a scope and a bipod I grouped 1.2 something inches I think,  it was at 50 yards. For the postal match I was using standard CCI. but pretty much any thing I have run through it has been great for pop can shooting. Sounds like something is up with yours!

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now it is ammo finicky and likes the hotter CCI stuff.  That shitty Federal bulk pack ammo chokes it every time.

+1 here for hotter loads at least for the first couple hundred rounds. Mine had issues with the wallyworld federal bulk back when i first bought it but absolutely loved the CCI AR Tactical. I've got probably 1000-1200 round through it now and its alot more forgiving now. I still like the CCI AR Tactical best but it is a bit spendy. The CCI Blazer seams to be the best value for the buck and never had a FTF or FTE with it. But like I said earlier Ive got alot more rounds through it now and with ammo hard to come by I havnt been able to try the bulk federal since.

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It does have a flash suppressor, and it was very tight. I removed it to remove the plastic disc in order to "float" the grip. I did not think to inspect the crown. Good idea!

How did you remove the FH? I only ask because I know they are on super tight and if not removed properly, you can do some damage to the receiver.

OT: I'm in the same boat as far as groupings go. Off a rest w/open sights or a RDS, it's lucky to get a 4 inch spread. Now I understand the 15-22 is not supposed to be a tack driver, but this is kind of ridiculous. Especially when my $90 Marlin 60 will out shoot it all day long.

I'm about to either send it in to S&W or sell it.

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