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Door Buster Deal


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Scored last Saturday! Cabela's had a door buster Ad that had a 1000 round bulk pack for 44.95. Guess something went wrong and the substituted 2 bricks. Any way first 400 people through the door received the 1000 rounds.

Got there a 1/2 hour before they opened the line extended from the front of the store, down the side and I ended up just around the corner at the rear of the store. The flyer had a lot more then the 22's on the door buster specials, but standing in line, I did not talk to a single person that was not after the 22's. Before they opened the doors, a employee was going though the line asking if every one was after the 22's. I asked her if most of the people were there for the 22's and she said yes, everybody! As far as I saw, not one person through the door did not grab the 1000 rounds and they handed them out right there after you came through the door! The wife was 298 and I was 299..lol they had a guy at the door with a clicker!

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kinda crazy, stand in line and then its like winning the jack pot just to purchase a few bricks of 22

  just yesterday had a guy on a local by sell trade face book page put up a add for 700 rounds, was asking 175 He turned down a 125.00 offer some lady put up...he is down to 140.00 today.

With the writing on the wall, picked up a couple of hundred rounds of Russian manufactured 7.69 x39 while at Cabela's also.

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