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I really just went shopping for a set of scope rings


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Last Friday I really just went shopping for a set of scope rings. looking to set something up to try to participate in a silhouette match on Sunday.

Kinda a stupid turn of events, but after 5 trips to 3 different stores, came home with a Savage Mk II BSEV, I just had to have the spiral fluted stainless bull barrel.

Purchased a cheap BSA to put on it right away, but there were some issues with getting rings that would work with the scope, the third trip back on Saturday to try to solve the mounting issues with the BSA, I left the store late Saturday afternoon with a set of High off set rings ... but just in case they didn't, I also purchased a 6.5-20x44 Vortex Viper that was on sale...and yet another set of rings!

The off set rings did the job so I went ahead and started things out with the BSA. Not sure if the Vortex will find its way on to the rifle or if it will end up some where else!


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Turned out to be an expensive set of rings. Many of my shopping trips turn out the same way.

I went out looking for 22lr ammo a couple weeks ago and ended up with a new glock 19 and dpms ar15 as well as the ammo for both (didnt buy any of the 22lr ammo I went in for in the 1st place)

A man after my own heart! lol worst part (or Best) of looking all over for 22.s is the stuff a person comes home with instead!

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Wow!, makes my plain jane MKII look positively homely. Very nice.

  I wasn't looking to own this stock, If I move forward in the silhouette stuff, once the credit card rebounds a little I will probably replace the stock with a Boyd's Hunter, thinking the blue laminate, that way I can shoot in the Hunter Class

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