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Savage MK II Personalization and Accuracy Journey


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Doing this on rimfire central also!

I thought I would create a thread chronicling my attempts to personalize my Mk II 22lr and share the results as I try to apply information and theory's developed from information shared by others through forums, reading and conversation!

I purchased this Rifle New, First scope mounted was a BSA 3x9 AO

Have Taken it out 3 times, but for the purpose of this thread I will report on 5 shot groups and only did that the first time I had it out Sighting it in.

Shot 5 groups, 5 shots each at 50 yards, very poor light, after sun set, front rest rear bag.

Largest 2.012 inches (first rounds fired through the rifle)

Smallest .871 inches

Average 1.294 inches


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One of the trips out with the MK II was to a 100 yard range, I was not unhappy with the results, provided good practice but it became apparent I would struggle with the 3-9 at that distance. When I purchased the Rifle I had also purchased a 6.5 x 20 Vortex, but when bench rest shooting Silhouette's I was very happy with the BSA's 40 grain turret and decided to go ahead and try a BSA 6x18 AO and see if I was able to get similar results.

So the Vortex stays on the back burner and the new BSA is getting mounted up using a set of Durasight DS 400s rings.


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I had never lapped a set of scope rings before, but can completely understand the reasons why.

Made myself a 1 inch lapping tool. Lapped in the rings, leveled the action, leveled the scope, decided on some baseline torque settings and put it all back together!







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  • 2 weeks later...

A bunch of different things have conspired to keep me away from taking the Savage out and creating a new baseline, those same things have also kept me away from getting my new bottom plate machined out, but thought I would share a screen shot of the CAD Drawing, this drawing is actually a composite drawing that has locations on it for two different bottom plates and locations for the fixture to hold the new plates during the machining process.


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Nice work. I really like your lapping tool.

Have you bedded the action?

Thanks! I just put the lapping tool together on a whim, made two locations for the handle. Have not done any bedded on this rifle, or any other...yet. Have been reading tons about pillar and action bedding and know that will be in my future. I want to test the different bottom plates before doing so.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not to much to report on the manufacture of my own bottem plates, have the programs wrote, holding fixture made. Just need to find some free time to load it all in the CNC. Trying to find a source of action screws and wood screws that would all have matching heads has not gone well.

I did have a little trigger time at my personal range to try to establish a new base line using the 6x18 scope. Was able to reset a 50 yard baseline. a screw up with turrets and scope setting threw my 100 yard attempt out the window. Will need to revisit the 100 yard group test before moving forward with any changes!

50 yards with the 6x18 vs the 3x9 did show improvement

Shot 5 groups, 5 shots each at 50 yards, good light, afternoon, small amount of wind from time to time. front rest, rear bag.

Largest 1.226 inch .786 improvment

Smallest .826 inch .045 improvment

Avarage 1.004 inch .29 improvment


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  • 1 month later...

A few projects and now a broken down CNC have prevented me from moving forward on my own bottom metals. But things may be taking another direction! I originally purchased this rifle for Small Bore Silhouettes not knowing the bull barrel would exclude it from hunter class (not that the match director really cares at this point) I picked up a Ruger 77/22 that may become my Silhouette Rifle.

After learning about something called a Steel Dog Match, 35-200 yards, 13 different distance with prairie dog sized targets, thought I would set the Savage up to try this!

When I purchased this rifle, I also bought a Vortex 6-20 scope that has just been sitting in a drawer, Decided this would be the next set up!

Decided to go with the DIP Scope mount, if they would have had a stainless bottom metal in stock, just would have bought one



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  • 5 weeks later...

Tuned Up the Bottom Metals, changed the font to something with a little funk, a sharp engraving tool cleaned up the engraving, cut a recess for the action lug screw to keep a few more threads in the Action lug and increased the size of the radius's in the corners of the Mag Well hole




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  • 1 month later...

  It has taken me awhile to do some testing, Still wanting to build a set up to test stock/barrel defection. Just have not taken the time yet.

But I did manage to install my new bottom metals (now available on e-bay) and shoot a 50 yard test.

Results were positive!  Have only shot one 50 yard test with the new bottom metal in place, torqued to 15 inch pounds.

My Best ever, with the stock bottom metal, 5 groups, 5 shots each. , best single group

Best average        .9983 in

Best Single group  .780 in

First time out with my new Bottom Metal

Average                  .9144 in  8.4% improvement

Best single group    .520 in  33.33% improvement

Need to shoot some more groups and also do a 100 yard test!


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  • 1 year later...

Have not had much chance to get the Savage out and work with it, Hoping to attend a few more Steel Dog matches now that spring has sprung!
I have been using Fiocchi 22FHSUB as my ammo of choice, was able to get a fair amount of it during the shortage. My stock on it is dwindling, I have also been using it in my Silhouette Rifle. I am also suspect that it does not work well out of the Savage for my longer shots, 165, 180 and 200 yards. At the last couple of events I attended, I used Fiocchi 22FHVCRN for those shots with substantially much better results.

Any way, I have been slowly collecting CCI Standard So I had something to maybe switch over to as my Fiocchi supply ran out.

Yesterday I re-sighted my 50 yard 0 using the CCI Standard. In addition to the CCI. Changes made, Lowered the trigger pull to its lowest setting, not sure what the weight is but it would not break with the two pound weight I use on my Silhouette Rifle, guessing 2.5 or so. I also increased the action screw torque from 15inlbs to 20inlbs. 

Shooting my normal 5 x 5 shot groups, little bit of gusting wind to deal with.
My previous best had been

Average .9144 in

Best single group .520 in 

Yesterdays results.

Average .7632 in 15.2% improvement

Best single group .456 6.4% improvement 



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