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Charging handle mod.

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This is my CMMG Sierra dedicated .22lr upper mounted on it's Spike's Tactical lower.

It has a Bushnell Halosight, YHM gas block riser, Magpul BUIS front and rear, Magpul grip, Catch 22 bolt catch, Tactical Solutions firing pin and Black Dog Machine magazines. I love this little rifle, it works great.

One thing that was bothering me was the cheap plastic charging handle that came with the upper and after seeing a mod elsewhere I thought it was time to mitigate this shortcoming.

I purchased a Rainer Arms Raptor Ambidextrous charging handle for the 22. (the same one I use with my centerfire ARs) It's a very good charging handle but the dedicated 22 charging handles have the channel underneath filled so the tiny rimfire brass doesn't get caught there jamming the rifle.

I used JB Weld Steel Putty to fill the channel on the Raptor and then sanded to contour.

Looks great and works great.

Original vs Raptor.





Top view installed


Side views



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Bought a CMC 3.5# drop in trigger for this rifle. The Spike's Tactical trigger in it left a lot to desired.

The 22s don't generally like to function with these light triggers but I've installed a Tactical Solutions perfected firing pin in this rifle that's supposed to resolve this issue. 

We'll see.

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