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90 degree safety/other issues


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So has anyone managed to order the new spare part for the safety to convert the older 180 degree safety to the newer 90 degree? I'm aware the safety markings will not line up - but so what.


is it just my colt where the magazines are tight and do not drop free? Any advice on how to loosen this up? Without the rear pin they drop free fine.

Greetings from the UK.

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I'll be willing to bet they WILL interchange. I got the impression (in so many words) from one of the "gunsmiths" at Umarex that they won't supply any parts that "changes" the rifle in any way. The fact that the stamping for "safe" will no longer be in the right place was a deal breaker for them. "Safety and liability" issues also came up in conversation. Maybe a person with a NEW rifle (and the serial # to prove it) could order these parts, if they could convince those at Umarex that "I lost my parts" as a reason for needing them. Then we could find out for sure.

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I believe there is a valid reason that Umarex does not sell the 90 degree safety parts for a 180 degree rifle. The 180 degree safety lever and parts coincide with the 180 degree stops on the lower receiver. If you put the 90 degree parts into such a rifle, there would be the probability of damage to the safety's internal parts, due to being able to rotate the safety beyond 90 degrees. And one does not want to damage the safety on any firearm. Or, even if it does not cause damage, there could be unintended operational issues with such a parts mis-match - if the safety is rotated past 90 degrees, it might not fire, it might not be a semi-auto any more, or it might just slam fire & empty the magazine. Be safe!

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