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opinions wanted


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Looking for some honest feed back, I am undertaking a project, more on that later when I am ready to share…but wanting a taller comb on this rifle, was thinking about grafting in another piece of walnut. But then there would be a obvious wood color and grain differences, not to high on that. Have a friend that does amazing air brush work, so I could forgo the normal walnut look and do custom paint.
  But had another thought, cut the stock to accept the Ruger American Butt Stock. Does a hybrid stock sound and look cool? Or is this Idea just plain Fugly!!  



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There probably is not enough surface area on the butt stock piece to really do anything cool Paint wise. So the end result would be the walnut stock with the ruger comb and butt piece. Function is important, really want the higher comb and to change the angle on the butt pad area. But yes, how well these mods will be received at the events I hope/intend this rifle to be used at, weigh heavy on all this also. If and when I get this all done, off to testing. It will have to out perform my Ruger 77/22 to replace it.

Really waffling back and forth on this idea. Guess if it didn't look good...could just do the paint thing on both the walnut and the plastic. Just hoping I can do the wood work with out screwing it up!

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No real progress yet, been working like a mad man, took a part time job in another shop and have a couple of projects in mine right now,

 But, I did cut out a pattern and have the shape of the Ruger Stock traced and penciled on to the wood stock, It been sitting on one of my benches for a few weeks now and the desire to take a saw to it is still strong. So looks like the hybrid just might happen!!  Did give some thought to maybe at some point down the road trying to make a walnut butt stock piece that would go back  in place of the Ruger, try my hand at a little wood carving!


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