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Silencers/ Suppressors - Which one is best????


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I am going to get a silencer for my .22's. I just ordered a threaded barrel for my Browning Buckmark, and am looking into 3 lug adapters for my S&W 15 & GSG5.

I have tried to find opinions, reviews and comparisons but they vary so much, I would do just as good picking one by iny, meany, miny, moe.

Anyone here have any experience with a particular one? Here's the ones I'm looking at -

1. Gemtech Outback-II - $300


2. Lauer Weaponry Predator - $225-$250


3. Tactical Innovations TAC65 - $225-$250


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I run a QSM Titanium can on my 5.56 stuff.  I think it's always best to run a can for the appropriate caliber, but a 5.56 can will quiet the .22 some too.  But .22 is real dirty, and you would have to clean the baffles before going back to 5.56.  That's what I have to do with my Spectre before going back to 5.7x28.

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I noticed that the one add said "Civilian Legal" - Really? I thought these were federally controlled...? Please enlighten me!


Definitely federally regulated, but they are civilian legal if you live in a state that allows them, and go through the proper BATFE procedure of getting one.  Basically you pay a dealer for it, then submit all the item's information and your own to BATFE, and send them $200 for the tax stamp.  They'll send your dealer back a document saying you can posses it and the dealer will transfer it to you with a 4473 (like any firearm), but doesn't have to call it in because the background check is done already.

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