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Colt Trigger Pull

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The advertised pull on the Colt/Umarex is 7.5 lbs - mine measured > 10lbs - that's a bit stiff for a .22 in my book. So, I had to try to improve it. After removing the trigger group, I took it apart - single stage trigger, 3 springs - 2 for the trigger, 1 for the hammer. I stoned and polished the sear and hammer, and just for grins substituted lighter springs on the trigger. Put it all back together and functioned checked with dummy ammo. Safety A-OK. Pull measured about 5.5 lbs. Took it out to the range and loaded 1 round - accuracy was much improved! Loaded 2 rounds..... oops........ 1 trigger pull, 2 rounds fired. Loaded 3 rounds.....yep. Full auto. Brought it home and put the OEM springs back in.


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Range officer found some guy who had a slam-firing AR a few years ago at the range, turned him in and the jury put him in jail for a number of years for a malfunction.

Maybe in Kalifornia - I would like to see some facts about this "case". The quote sounds like something from an anti-gun forum..... :-\


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