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  1. Other than these being seen at the shot show and having some prices floating around - did anyone get one of these yet? HENRY
  2. Simple - I am looking for a m16 spr colt/umarex .22lr. They are a bit hard to find - I don't think very many were put out. Once in a while they do come accross gunbroker - if you have one and would consider parting with it - please give me a shout and maybe we can work somthing out. Cash or possible trade. I am located in Houston TX. HENRY
  3. Anyone get a few of these to check fitment? HENRY
  4. I can't remember where I had seen the video - but someone had the same issue and tried to tighten up the barrel nut to draw the barrel and receiver back into place. It wound up stretching the barrel so much that the barrel was ruined. (rifling looked weird)The guy in the video said that when he tried to take the nut back off the barrel, the nut came off in his hand with a part of the barrel in it. Be careful. HENRY
  5. I had problems with the slip on rubber protectors and the finger grips on the side of the magazine follower when I was reloading. they would catch and bind up on the last couple of rounds. Tried to trim them and they wouldnt stay on. Just took them off. You get what you pay for - the gun shows are no exception. HENRY
  6. I seriously lost count after 3 boxes of the 550 federal packs. Still going. Anyone have an idea of when to consider the barrel shot out or over used? HENRY
  7. Yeah, I laughed alot on that one. Good luck on the cheetos. The smell lingers... ;D HENRY
  8. If you feed it right your talking about 1-2" groups at 300yds. It opens up from there. I think that the stock trigger is pretty culprit on that though. Overall, great gun - only had one FTE and that was after doing 2 mag dumps(20's) back to back with some steel cased rounds. All told about 800 rounds through it. I might swap out the FCG and furniture for the ak parts. Still sorting through that though. If you want a reliable shooter - they are gold. HENRY
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I appreciate the link to the range Madhouse. I will have to check them out. I live on the northside near Magnolia if you know where that is. HENRY
  10. These things are essential to shooting or training. Got a couple of friends that don't believe anything unless it is 'on paper'. Maybe this can help them out with thier grips. THANKS! HENRY
  11. How many TEXANS we got on this site? Nice to meet you all - from Houston. HENRY
  12. First time to the site - But it seems cool. Lots of pics and info to go over. Figured I would just introduce myself and get to know you all. :thumb:
  13. Hi all. Have had My M4 Ops for a little over a year now - About 2500 rounds through it. It loves Federal and jams on any Remington. Its overall been a GREAT rifle. I did have to send it in for a repair which UMAREX took care of without any complaint. The main buffer spring was all bunched up in it. They slapped a new one in there and we were off again. About 1500 rnds since then. I get a FTF only when I don't have the bolt locked back when changing mags. Lock, Load no problem. Decent accuracy. Groups around 1" groups at 100 and about 5" at 200. Recently got my patch at a Project Appleseed shoot with it too. It's a fun plinker. I kept the mods small - Wather ps22 red dot, MI single post rear flip up iron(SAW), 1" tac lite with a single ring holding it, two point sling and Knights Armament foregrip and rail covers. I like the 30 rnd mags but when you goto the range - gotta have the 10 rounders to get under the visors at the benches. It makes a great rifle to give to the girl so I can shoot my other toys at the same time. That's my Saiga .308 and my Walther p22 next to it. I am probably going for one of the new HK/UMA mp5 rifles too - when I can find one. The second pic was the day I got it. The one of it on my truck's hood was after taking it to the range a few times. I don't always like the foregrip. Anyone here have one of the M16 SPR's?
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