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  1. I own the an Outback and love it. As for the ability to disassemble it has never been an issue.
  2. Thanks, the rifle is really dress up in stuff other people pulled off of their guns for one reason or another. I am something of a Gun Shop Vulture. For instance I got he YHM hand guard , cause I was having coffee at the local hop when gal bought a New Rail system for the rifle and I offered her $75 for the one she had taken off.
  3. This is my Tactical Solutions m4 22lr. I added a YHM hand guard , and recently went to a Primary Arms 1-4 scope, in a YHM mount. It is my "yard" gun and here it is this morning , wearing my Gemtech Halo so I don't annoy the Neighbors.
  4. I just started using one I picked up used online. It is sitti on my tacsol ar22. Atthe price point it seems a real value. . The down side is thatit is a battery muncher, and the dot is not as clearly defined as onmy aimpoints.
  5. I just bought one of these as kind of a guilty Pleasure. I have read all of the FNforum thread and appreciate your work and Research. Any thoughts on a sling for a southpaw?
  6. First Congrats on the CMMG I helped a friend put one together and it is a great rifle Whenever I see a post like this I realize just how good I have it here in the US. My brother lives in South Korea where CAN NOT own a firearm, and reading this where I realize that in the UK you pay 3x as much as we do stateside for the same product.
  7. Tac Sol M4 is a bit better than my daughter 10/22 In fairness neither are what I would describe as Tac Drivers the TC so in quite capable of nickle size groups at 35 yards (length of my "Lawn Range" )
  8. Sweet looking 22. I have had my tac sol for a while and it has become the most shot of My ARs . I am going in the other direction though and Just brought home my first AR in 308
  9. I have at the house a Gemtech Outback 22lr and a Gemtech Halo 223 . The Halo's mounting system allows it to attach it self to anything with a A2 Flash hider So it works works quite well on my Tac Sol 22lr upper as well as My 223 AR's. I recently bought nut is still processing a Yankee qd can for a 308. Interestingly enough if found several guys running this can on their 22lr ARs. THey use their 30 cal cans on all of their rifles Now apart from the cool factor in my early years I was one of those morons that thought he was indestructible and never wore ear protection at the track in factories or when shooting in the back field. Now having lost about 70% of my hearing in the range of womens voices, I try to protect what I have left and I wear ear protection and if I have the option of using a can I do. Think about it before you are they guy that has the TV so loud that everyone else in the house bitches and the only way you can hear the waitress is to have her face you while you read her lips so you can fill in the holes in what you hear.
  10. I used the CCI Subsoninc (I have a couple bricks worth in the living room right now) It runs great behind both my gemtech Outback and Halo great Ammo and have dispatched countless "rats in drag" (squirrels n chipmunks) and more than a few crows with it as well. Not sure I would have any used for the 22 quiet. Perhaps in a free breathing wheel gun?
  11. I see that this thread is a little dead, but wanted to say how much I love my Walther G22. I bought mine specifically to run a suppressor on. Pros and cons of this are obvious. Pro The Bull Pup Design makes the length added by the suppressor disappear. It cycles decent subsonic ammo quite well (the exception being Remington Subsonic does not cycle in any of my 22s) Mine is very accurate (squirrels chip monks and crows have all departed courtesy of mine. Very light sits on my shoulder well. Cons Take down for cleaning is a night mare and suppressed firearms get dirty fast Trigger takes some time to get used to (Like most bull pups the trigger is long and "stagey" All in all it is usually the first 22 rifle I grab
  12. Not slamming the Chiappa ($309)product but I looked at CMMG ($365)beside the Chiappa today . for the additional $56 I would go CMMG.
  13. I use mine off my back porch. My supressors keep me in the good graces of my neighbours. I have a. 22 and a. 223. I am in all likelhood going to get a good·30 cal can in the next year.
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